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Use this page to provide your web site visitors with an overview of your funeral home. For example, you may decide to provide a brief history of your business, along with the services that you offer. Since this is a demonstration web site, we will use this space to tell you a little about our services.

Developed by Consolidated Funeral Services, their mission is to provide you with a professional web site that better promotes the goods and services that you offer, increases your revenues by offering integrated flower and gift ordering and reduces your management overhead by giving you comprehensive, yet easy-to-use means of controlling all aspects of the page content. Add or remove obituaries with ease and readily change the page content (such as this one) that tell visitors about your business.

Consolidated Funeral Services provide this web infrastructure to you free of charge. They can do this because we share in the commissions generated from the flower orders and product sales that are made at your web site. As such, their success is fully aligned with your web site's success.

Using their web site services is both good for your business and also for your customers.

How it serves your customers:

  • Timely funeral details: Readily updatable obituary records allow you to provide extended family and friends with up to date funeral and visitation information.
  • Integrated flower ordering: Web site visitors can directly order flowers from the obituary pages. By connecting directly with your local florists, customers receive increased value for money and have the confidence that their order will arrive at the correct location and at the prescribed time. This is also good for your local businesses since your web site captures online flower orders that would otherwise go to the larger flower distributers.
  • Integrated merchandising: Provides ability for out of area visitors to order sympathy gifts that they would otherwise have no opportunity to purchase.

How it serves you:

  • Promotes awareness of your business: provides a modern web site that effectively communicates your services.
  • Increases customer satisfaction: integrated flower and gift ordering, along with many other customer-facing services gives you a competitive advantage by making it easier for family and friends to send their condolences.
  • Increases your revenue: provides a means of offering merchandising without the need to resort to direct selling. Also provides ability to sell to the extended group of family and friends that reside out of the area. You retain commissions on all sales made at your web site.
  • Simple to maintain: Our dynamic web site model allows you to fully customize your web site, from convenient adding/editing of obituaries to selection of color schemes, graphics and the text presented on each page at the web site. You may change as little or as much as you see fit.

Larry Walter, CMO: Managed Marketing Services

  • On Demand Marketing: As Chief Marketing Officer for clients we offer on demand services aimed at helping you, the funeral business owner, get more out of your marketing resources. If you are looking to cost effectively implement a marketing campaign we are your solution.
  • Advertising & Publicity: Committed to creating results by maximizing publicity, promotion, advertising and media. Clients realize increased impressions, generate positive image, and deliver credible brand messages that win attention and influence the marketplace.
  • Sales Process Management: How do prospects buy your product or service?  We can help you implement a defined process to guide prospects from initial contact to purchase.
  • Media Buying & Placement: Let us handle your media buying and placement.  Solutions include radio, newspapers, magazines, transit, outdoor, direct mail, and online.

 How it serves you:

  • Attract all the customers your business can handle

  • Marketing made simple

  • Customized marketing that works for your business

  • Ensure your business shines

  • Professional, coordinated look and message

  • Achieve greater impact through creative marketing strategies

  • Increase sales and enhance visibility

  • Professional, coordinated marketing image and message





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