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Shirley & Stout
Lincoln Road Chapel

1315 West Lincoln Road
Kokomo, IN 46902
Tel: (765) 453-4400

Shirley & Stout
Jefferson Street Chapel

414 W. Jefferson St.
Kokomo, IN 46901
Tel: (765) 453-4400

Hasler-Stout Funeral Home
112 East Main Street
Greentown, IN 46936-1214
Tel: (765) 628-3344

Stout & Son
Burlington Chapel

44 Michigan St.
Burlington, IN 46915
Tel: (765) 883-5122

Stout & Son
Russiaville Chapel

200 E. Main St.
Russiaville, IN 46979
Tel: (765) 883-5122

Wheelchair accessible



Many changes have occurred in funeral service in recent years. The most significant change is the interest people have in arranging their own funerals in advance.

Ten reasons why planning ahead makes good sense:

  • Our program locks in all costs – Once you begin the program, everything you select will be provided in the future at no additional cost to your family or estate.
  • It is nationwide – Should you relocate or just want to switch to another funeral home, you may, the costs are covered. The value is transferable.
  • Not considered an asset – If you are sued, go bankrupt, need nursing home care, go on Medicaid or another government program, your prearranged funeral plan is protected.
  • Tax free interest – To keep up with inflation, your program earns interest similar to a CD or savings account. Yet, this program fulfills such a specialized need; Your interest is not taxable.
  • Easy Payment Options – You may take up to ten years to fund your program. If you die before your program is completely paid, the balance will be paid for you automatically in most cases.
  • You may change your selections – As people change, so do their needs. Your program may be made more elaborate or simplified.
  • Everyone is accepted – (up to age 100) Unlike other programs, you are not turned down because of health.
  • Protect your family – Your program helps everyone involved avoid costly mistakes, confusion, and bad feelings.
  • A Gift of Love – Planning ahead relieves a tremendous burden for your loved ones and is truly a gift of love.
  • Sound Program – Sound Decision – This type of program is recommended by leading senior citizen’s groups, many banks, lawyers, accountants, etc.
  • Click here to Fill in our Pre-Planning document online.

    Pre-Arrangement Form