Cemetery Memorial Lights / Eternal Lights

We have Cemetery Memorial Lights and Candles, in stock and available for any holiday or special occasion. You may want to consider a memorial light as a special gift to a family in lieu of flowers, either for the day of the funeral or after.

Cemetery Memorial Lights and Candles are only available for purchase at our funeral home. To purchase the lights or candles, please contact our funeral home via telephone or e-mail. Payment may be made by check, money order or credit cards.

Telephone: 908-454-4553
e-mail: info@noto-wynkoop.com

Cemetery Memorial / Eternal Lights

Available in Gold Finish (Shown above) or Silver Finish (Not Shown)

This light, made from anodized aluminum, is one of the best lights available and are available with a cross (shown in the photo), plain top or orthodox cross.

Memorial Lights: $85.00 Each



Memorial Light Candles

For proper burning we recommend using this candle. This design is especially suited for the Memorial Light units and burns for approximately 72 hours. These candles are sold 2 dozen per box, one dozen or individually. Each candle measures 8" high and 3" in diameter.

Case of Two Dozen Candles: $84.00
One Dozen Candles: $54.00
Per Candle: $5.00



This Lamp was specially designed for use indoors and is perfect for use in the home. This light totally portable in that it plugs into any 110 outlet.
Each unit comes equipped with a "Flicker" type bulb that gives the
appearance of a candle burning. A bulb will burn approximately 1500

This light has the same rugged, yet decorative construction as the outdoor Memorial Lights. In the event burning a candle is impractical, then this light is the answer.


Helpful Tip!
Would you like to better secure your cemetery light for stability or to prevent theft? Here is a helpful tip.

You will need a small to medium coffee can and enough cement mix to fill the can.

Prepare the ground stake by putting a slight bend in the bottom two inches of the stake. You may also drill a hole in the bottom of the stake and insert a bolt with a nut to hold it secure and prevent it from being pulled loose from the concrete.

Next you'll need the stake for the light without it being attached to the light itself. Having mixed the cement mix according to the manufacture's directions, place the bottom of the stake into the wet cement mix, being sure that it is at least three to four inches within the cement mix. You also want to be sure that the stake is supported straight up in the can and that it does not lean before the cement dries.

Follow the cement manufacturers direction for drying time or until you are sure the cement is dry. After the cement is hardened, attach the light to the top of the stake with the supplied nut.

Now all you have to do is prepare a hole in the ground at the cemetery deep enough to give you the desired height of the light above the surface of the ground.

NOTICE: You should obtain permission from your cemetery before disturbing any grounds. Some cemeteries have restrictions on erecting any fixtures or decorations.