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Carney-Frost Funeral Home
603 S. Detroit St.
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Our facility is wheelchair accessible

Personalization Choices


Casket Customization
Carney-Frost Funeral Home offers a wide array of caskets and cremation urns. We offer embroidered head panels to choose from to reflect the deceased’s interests and lifestyle. Special head panels can be ordered overnight.  We also offer caskets that can be personalized by a choice of removable corners which the family can keep or give as keepsakes.

Charitable Gifts
Once the farewell services have been completed, memories continue. Some of mankind’s most cherished works of art and architecture have been conceived as a tribute to a cherished life. Other memorials as simple as a tree planted in someone’s name stand as a testament to love and devotion.

Benefits, foundations and scholarships are other ways to honor and recognize the impact of a person who has touched us. Gifts and charitable bequests are not only a means of expressing grief, but can be an important gift to society and an enduring tribute to a life well lived.

Customize the Visitation

No two funerals are alike. A well planned, personalized, customized funeral service is a proper celebration of a life that has been lived. We encourage families to plan the type of service that will reflect the individual’s lifestyle, taste and wishes. Everyone reacts to death differently. Personalization can offer loved ones a great deal of comfort and the opportunity for everyone to participate in this meaningful event.

Pictureboard Display

Most families use pictureboard displays simply because they reflect the happier times in life. This collage of memories becomes a “topic for discussion” during a visitation as people learn things that they did not know about the person.

Memories by Design

For all families from whom we can obtain an array of pictures, Carney-Frost Funeral Home, creates a DVD which combines music, scenery and pictures representative of important or moving moments in the life of the deceased. This DVD can be played on a repeating basis during visitation prior to the service. The original DVD is provided to the family free of charge. Copies of the DVD can be purchased. The DVD created captures a lifetime of memories a family has shared. The DVD can become a cherished treasure that can keep the memories of their loved one alive for future generations.

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