Cremations by Caggiano Funeral Home
Serving Central and Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire

Ernest P. Caggiano and Son Funeral Home, Inc.
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Direct Cremation with no services:
The charges list below include: Basic services of Funeral Director & Staff, Transfer from place of death to funeral home, sheltering of remains, cremation container, transfer of remains to crematory, obtaining necessary permits and authorizations needed for cremation. This charge does not include viewing, memorial service, certified copies of the death certificate or newspaper notices. *All charges must be paid in full at time of services

Funeral Home Charges:  $1150
Medical Examiner Fee:   $100
Crematory Fee:                $245

Online Obit:                        NC

Wooden Urn:                     NC                                                                                                                                                                  

Total:                               $1495.00


Removal of Pacemaker:                                                       $150.00
Additional Attendant for House Removal:                         $75.00
Personal delivery of Ashes:                                                 $100.00
Mailing in State:                                                                    $100.00                                                                                                              

Additional Mileage (over 25 base miles)                        $3.50 per mile

Private Family Viewing                                                         $200.00
Director for graveside or memorial service:                     $250.00
Visitation at our funeral home per hour:                           $250.00
Embalming (needed for public viewing)                           $750.00
Memorial Service at our funeral home:                             $550.00
Register Book:                                                                       $50.00
Memorial Folders (100):                                                      $100.00
Thanks You Cards (100):                                                     $75.00
Custom Thank Your Cards (100)                                        $100.00
Prayer Cards (100):                                                               $100.00
Custom Prayer Cards (100):                                                $300.00
DVD video Tribute:                                                                $250.00
Urns & Keepsake Jewelry: (Click here)                             $35 and up
Cremation Caskets:  (Click here)                                        $250 and up

Acceptable forms of payment: Cash, Bank Check, Mastercard and Visa.   

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