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Tracking Down Insurance Policies

When someone dies, family members often remember previous discussions of life insurance, but can't find the policy or any record of it. There is a way to track down a lost or misplaced life insurance policy for free.

Write or Call:

Policy Search Dept. of the American Council of Life Insurance
1001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D. C. 20004
Phone: (212) 624-2000


Include as many details as you know. The deceased's birth date, place of residence, and maiden name(if appropriate), etc. The council will send this information to 150 insurance companies to check if they issued a policy to such a person.

Contact the Veterans Service Officer for G.I. Insurance, (800) 669-8477.

Notify other insurance companies or local agents on policies held on the deceased. Check coverage of home, at place of employment, auto medical coverage, union, health and accident, life insurance, credit accounts such as Wards and Sears which might have death coverage, bank accounts, credit unions, etc.


Office of Federal Group Life Insurance
4 East 24th Street>
New York, NY 10001
(Ask for Form FE6 Claim for Death Benefits)


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