Granite Monuments

In choosing a granite monument, the first decisions that are often made are the style, size and color desired.


The style of monument chosen is a personal decision to be made and can be based on cemetery regulations, your personal preference, matching other monuments in the area, space constraints, physical attributes such as wanting the monument to be more visible in the winter (during snow cover) or choosing more individual and unique monument styles for personalization. The five common categories for styles are upright monuments, slant monuments, wedge monuments, flat monuments and special designs. (Please see examples below)


The size of the monument you choose can be based on cemetery regulations, personal preference, the design or engraving options that you choose and the area that you have to work with. It is also important to determine if you wish to have a companion/double monument or a single monument. Keep in mind that if you wish for a couple to be buried together, although a single monument may be less expensive at the time, it will be less expensive altogether to purchase a companion monument. Additionally, although monuments can be matched fairly closely, keep in mind that granite is a unique cut of stone and in purchasing the very same type of granite at a later date, the monuments may not “match” exactly due the cut of stone or due to fading.

There are many different monument colors available. One of the more common colors is grey. Other common colors chosen are various shades of red and black. Please see the examples below. Granite color options are priced according to their value and difficulty in obtaining (i.e. some colors are shipped in from overseas (India Red, etc.).

Bronze Monuments

We also offer a full selection of bronze monuments. This includes different styles, sizes and colors as well as unique options including a “lasting memories” bronze that incorporates a new sand casting process that produces photo images cast into the monument.

Veteran Monuments

If a veteran was honorably discharged, the V.A. does provide options for monuments for veterans. (Shown Below). We can assist families with the paperwork to order a V.A. monument and accept delivery of the monument at the funeral home. We can also assist with the installation of the veteran monument if families choose. There is a charge for the installation or base/foundation to set the monument on, however the V.A. provides the monument itself at no charge.

Engraving or Lettering

In most instances, engraving or lettering is included in the cost of the monument. Only in special circumstances such as numerous words, special art or additional area engraving (such as a surname engraving on the back of the monument) would there be an additional charge for engraving. We do provide engraving and lettering services for date of death additions, of which we do have a charge.

Installation or Additional Fees

Installation is usually included with the price of a monument. The only additional fees to the total cost of a monument would include sales tax on the monument merchandise, any cemetery approval / setting fees (most cemeteries in our area do not charge these fees) or additional merchandise as shown below. We do provide installation only services (such as with a veteran monument order) of which we do have a charge.

Additional Merchandise

We do offer a full selection of granite benches, porcelain photos and granite, bronze or metal vases. The purchase of vases may require the purchase of a larger foundation to accommodate the vase(s).

Please contact us for additional information on monuments or to set an appointment to discuss them in detail.

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